Sophomore Year Experience

Scenes from the 2018 Sophomore Declaration Celebration held for the future Class of 2020 in the Bea Field Alumni House, April 12, 2018. Sophomores received their first piece of academic regalia and networked with alumni and university leadership.

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What is your Sophomore Story? There’s still so much MORE to experience, from internships to research to deciding on a major and beyond. There are endless ways to make your sophomore year experience unique, and Newcomb-Tulane College is ready to help you navigate your year and celebrate your accomplishments.

Events throughout the fall are designed to make MORE of your Tulane experience. Start your story with Sophomore September, a month of events to reintroduce you to Tulane, student organizations, campus activities, and academic success.

Following our month-long celebration of you, join the Sophomore Summit in mid-October as a presenter or participant to exchange ideas with fellow emerging leaders from your class. This one-day, off-campus, special event is also an opportunity to reflect and recognize the many ways you're growing personally, building meaningful relationships within the Tulane community, and paving your own way to success.

At the end of our spring semester, you’ll be halfway to graduation, and we celebrate with Sophomore Week, concluding with your HalfWAVE There Pinning Celebration. At this culminating event, you’ll celebrate declaring your major and your academic progression at the last gathering of your whole class before graduation. You’ll also receive your class pin, your first piece of academic regalia!

Check out the Sophomore Month-by-Month Roadmap, a resource to help you stay organized, and take advantage of insider tips and resources. We recommend that you reflect on which tools and opportunities may best assist you to reach your personal and academic goals. There’s a whole lot MORE in store. Begin your Sophomore Story now!

Are you a current first-year student looking forward to your sophomore year?

Apply to be a College Scholar at the start of your spring semester and build strong connections with peers and faculty through collaborative work and social endeavors.

MORE Exploration

NTC Resources

Connect with Newcomb-Tulane College to explore your academic interests and discover potential career paths. Make appointments with your success coach, academic advisor, career advisor, or drop by your professors’ office hours to gain their insight into life after college and learn more about their individual journeys. Attend events or seminars you find interesting.

New Orleans

Get to know yourself and New Orleans by expanding beyond Tulane’s campus and into the city. Sophomore year is a great time to complete your first-tier service learning— a requirement to be completed before your fifth semester of full-time enrollment— and build a stronger connection with the unique and special place we call home.


Your sophomore year is a great opportunity to dig deeper into your story: who you are and where you want to go. At our Sophomore Retreat on October 15th, new sophomores will reflect on what it means to be a second-year student at Tulane. Sophomore Retreat participants build community with each other as they develop personal goals through guided activities centered around their core values, academic interests, and career aspirations.


MORE Opportunity

Leadership Opportunities

Start or join a new student organization or be an NTC student leader. Our TIDES Peer Mentor and Peer Success Leader programs are great first-time leadership opportunities for students.

Major & Career Planning

Declaring a major is a defining experience for a Tulane student. In preparation for this big decision, you can assess your skills and interests with your advisor to choose a major (or majors!) that you feel passionate about and be prepared for the future. Through the Tulane Career Center, you can find an internship related to your career interests or work with a Career Coach to discover compelling opportunities with companies looking to employ Tulane talent.

Study Abroad Planning

Sophomore year is a great time to apply to the high-quality study abroad options available to you through the Center for Global Education. If you have not already contacted an OSA study abroad advisor, you can schedule a session by visiting the Center for Global Education website and/or attend the study abroad fair in the fall.


MORE Celebration

There is so much to celebrate this year! Along with sophomore-specific events such as the fall’s Sophomore September and Sophomore Retreat and spring’s Sophomore Week and HalfWAVE There Pinning Celebration, there are so many exciting happenings for all students to discover on WaveSync.

Additionally, New Orleans is an iconic city known around the world for promoting joy. Keep an eye on the calendar for sensational city events, including year-round local festivals and concerts, and balance your academic achievements with some unique celebratory experiences.

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