Thesis Archives

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Previous Thesis Writers and Topics

Open the Thesis Archives Spreadsheet to see a list of recently completed Honors Theses with title, department, and author information. 

The following archives hold libraries of completed Honors Theses: 

Honors Thesis Digital Repository: This repository contains Honors Theses May 2020-present. Note that some theses may not be included at the author's request.

Please note that the advanced search function for the digital library collections is still a work in progress. If you are looking for theses from specific majors, this is currently the best method: 

1. Search the Thesis Archives Spreadsheet and select the sheet for Class of 2020 or later. 

2. Use filters to search for a department or program. (Note that not every department or program will have theses every year.)

3. Jot down thesis writers' names or thesis titles that interest you.  

4. In the search box on the digital repository page, enter a thesis writer's name or thesis title in quotation marks.

Honors Thesis Library Guide

Printed copies of Honors Theses submitted through May 2020 are housed in University Archives in Jones Hall. Honors theses prior to 2020 are only available in paper format and stringent photocopying rules apply. They do not circulate. 

Our in-office library of printed Honors Theses includes examples from a wide variety of disciplines. Please email us at if you would like to make an appointment to access the thesis library.