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College Scholars


The College Scholars application is open to current first-year students from Monday, 11/27 to Monday, 2/26. Interested applicants must have a 3.4 GPA or higher in the fall semester to be considered for admission. 

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The College Scholars program serves intellectually curious students looking to expand their academic horizons and build community with faculty and likeminded peers. Participants join Faculty Principal-led small group cohorts that focus on big questions and essential problems to solve. Though all College Scholars cohorts are designed to foster our three tenets of intellectual, social, and civic development, each group has a specific focus area aligned to faculty expertise and student interests.  

View the 2023-24 College Scholars Cohorts & Faculty Principals


The budding intellectual leaders who participate in College Scholars will build strong connections with each other and faculty through their collaborative work and social endeavors. Through these experiences, our community will introduce students to lifelong connections, passions, and learning opportunities.

How It Works

Our year kicks off with a retreat for all College Scholars and Faculty Principals at the start of the fall semester. Throughout the year, cohorts meet once per month for collaborative opportunities or excursions. We also host regular community dinners for participants to build connections across cohorts. Following sophomore year, participants can remain active in College Scholars through our Leadership Council, group gatherings and other special opportunities. For more details about College Scholars program expectations, please see below. 


College Scholars participants benefit from a community and support network of like-minded, intellectually and academically driven, and conscientious students. In addition to our overarching goals of introducing students to lifelong connections, passions, and learning opportunities, here are some other benefits of becoming a College Scholar:

  • College Scholars can connect with faculty in a meaningful way and build stronger relationships outside of the classroom.
  • College Scholars can connect to unique research, grants, and senior project opportunities through their participation.
  • Interested College Scholars can apply to join the College Scholars Leadership Council as early as their first year in the program and gain experience creating innovative programs and leading in other capacities.
  • College Scholars who complete their sophomore experience can apply to become Peer Mentors for new cohorts of College Scholars the following year.
Program Expectations
  • Engage with your small cohorts of students organized around interdisciplinary themes. Programming is informed by Faculty Principals, student members, and the College Scholars Leadership Council & Peer Mentors.
  • Attend our annual multi-day College Scholars Retreat at the beginning of the school year.
  • Attend monthly cohort events, which may take the form of on-campus meetings and discussions or field trips.
  • Engage in readings and other related materials as assigned by your Faculty Principal and come prepared to participate at monthly cohort meetings.
  • Communicate regularly with your Faculty Principal, including meeting once each semester for office hours and respond to emails in a timely manner.
  • Attend regular community dinners to build community and share ideas across all College Scholars cohorts.
Leadership Council

Students applying to College Scholars have the option to apply additionally for the College Scholars Leadership Council. Students can apply to remain on the council for junior and senior year. Participation allows for unique leadership opportunities, including but not limited to developing a faculty and alumni speaker program, coordinating programs (i.e. an upperclass reunion panel/activity), mentoring incoming members, shaping programs and signature events. While there is a minimum time commitment, levels of participation may flexibly vary to accommodate schedules and other commitments. Students from each class year are represented in this council.