College Scholars

The NTC College Scholars Program engages high-achieving sophomores outside the classroom in cohorts led by Tulane’s faculty to provide meaningful intellectual connections between faculty and students. Faculty will lead groups of 10-13 high-achieving sophomores in a year-long focus of an interdisciplinary theme (e.g. inequality and empowerment, climate change, global health, technology and society, etc.). Examples of current cohorts are located on our College Scholars Cohort Themes webpage.  

The application deadline for new faculty principals for fall 2024 is October 23, 2023; please see below for application details. Faculty Principals meet with students outside of class at least once per month, attend a retreat, and attend five all-scholar events per academic term. Faculty principals will receive a $10,000 stipend each year and must sign on to a two-year term. In addition to the $10,000 annual stipend, each Faculty Principal will receive programming funds for their cohort activities, excursions, etc.

College Scholars Faculty Principal Position Details

The primary responsibilities of the faculty principals are planning and hosting engaging co-curricular programs centered on their Scholar cohort theme, at least one evening dinner a semester, a weekend-long retreat in the fall, a "spring kickoff" evening, and meetings.

Faculty principals will be paid $10,000 each year and must sign on to a two-year term (AY 2024-25 and 2025-26). More detailed information can be found in the sections below.



Faculty Principals should spend approximately 10-12 hours each semester hosting events for a small interdisciplinary cohort. These events may take the form of discussions and activities on campus or off-campus field trips. Some ideas include invited speakers, book discussions, film screenings, a trip to the theater, a trip to a museum, a public service activity, panel discussions of faculty and/or student research, and more. The purpose of the programs is to foster common intellectual experiences amongst students outside the classroom. Faculty principals also participate in the Scholars application review process and College Scholars promotional events during Academic Enrichment Week.


In addition to events, Faculty Principals should spend at least one hour weekly on planning/administration, and communication.

Scholars Dinners

Students are invited to weekly informal dinners with other College Scholars. Faculty principals are expected to attend at least one of these dinners per semester. These events are informal gatherings with a meal (provided by NTC), and programming generated by College Scholars /Student Leadership Council Student Advisory Committee. The purpose of attending these dinners is to encourage informal interactions between faculty and students.

Faculty principals should be available to College Scholars for specialized advising /mentorship. Scholars are expected to meet with faculty principals at least once each semester to discuss their college experience, research interests and career opportunities. These interactions may take the form of faculty office hours, or informal meetings.

Faculty Principal Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Attendance at a one-day orientation and planning meeting during Spring 2024 semester
  • Participation in the Scholar selection process in Spring 2024
  • Attendance at one meet-and-greet during Spring 2024
  • Attendance at a weekend-long retreat in late August or September 2024 (date TBD soon) and give a talk at the retreat
  • Monthly events with your Scholars cohort every month classes are in session (7 to 8)
  • At least one evening dinner a semester (provided by NTC)
  • Availability for one-on-one advising with student members of your cohort, taking the form of regular office hours or informal meetings
  • One hour per week of planning, administration, communication
  • Once a semester Faculty Principal team check-in meeting with NTC staff
  • Attend group-wide signature events as their schedule permits, especially the end of year gathering (date TBD).
  • Communicate any individual student or cohort concerns to Sophomore Programs Manager, including attendance and eligibility considerations.
  • Use the enhancement form to make any requests for transportation, food, materials etc.
  • Track budget and share any budgetary considerations not made via the enhancement form in a timely manner.
How to Apply

The College Scholars program is administered by Newcomb-Tulane College. Full‐time tenured, professors of practice, or tenure‐track or administrative professors (with the support of the Department Chair or supervisor) are eligible to serve as faculty principals.

Eligible faculty are invited to submit a letter of interest to Senior Program Manager of Sophomore Engagement, Justin Lamb, at In addition to discussing the faculty member's background and interest in the program, the letter of interest should include the following:

  • A one- to two-paragraph cohort proposal that aligns with the College Scholars program vision and does not duplicate themes covered by existing College Scholars or other cohort-based opportunities.
  • A list of proposed activities (field trips, guest lectures, etc.)
  • A preliminary programming budget. 
  • Responses to the following questions: 
    • Faculty Principals serve as mentors to the students in their cohort. How would you describe your mentoring style? If possible, please use examples in your response.

    • In addition to a social and intellectual focus, College Scholars also has a civic component and previous or current cohorts have focused on complex topics such as climate change, racism and public health. Please share your approach to handling sensitive content with students and what justice means to you. 

2024-2025 Application Timeline

  • Late-September: Call for proposals 
  • October 23: Deadline for application materials to be submitted to NTC
  • November: Decisions communicated to faculty, with materials for contracts
Terms and Conditions of Appointment

Faculty Principals are appointed for a two-year term.